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This server is located at the Department of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis. For those in Europe we provide a server at Manchester Computing. A Japanese server is available at Hitotsubashi University.

Founded in 1993, NetEc is an international academic effort to improve the communication of Economics via electronic media. It consists of:
  • Information on printed working papers on BibEc,
  • Data about electronic working papers on WoPEc,
  • World Wide Web resources in Economics on WebEc,
  • Jokes about economists and economics on JokEc.
  • All datasets can be queried in a common SEARCH system.

    Consult the NetEc documentation for further information. If anything is not working properly, please notify "" at once.

    Projects that are sponsored by NetEc are

    Other projects that are associated with NetEc These sites can also be queried on the NetEc search system. 
    Thomas Krichel